Department of Take A Letter, Maria

Your preznit was in Illinois today, stumping for the need to protect us from those mean trial lawyers and other people who would pay widows and orphans for doctors’ mistakes …

Mercifully, somebody was there to say on behalf of the Democratic party what I’ve always wondered why nobody would say: Do you naive little schoolgirls who buy into this crap actually think the insurance companies will take the money they’ll save on judgments and give it back to your hardworkin’, house-callin’ country doctor?

Representative Jan Schakowsky, Democrat of Illinois, said: “President Bush is offering a solution that is irrelevant to the problem. The insurance industry has repeatedly refused to say that it will lower rates even if caps are imposed.”

We need to focus debate on this issue exactly where my girl Jan did: On the greedy insurance companies taking money from doctors by playing on their fears and frailties. Why aren’t we having a debate about avaricious insurance companies and trying to limit the amounts they can charge doctors to cover their practices?

Somebody get Schakowsky on a talk show, stat.