Shooting Blanks

From Holden:

No, I’m not talking about Bob Dole or Mike Ditka. I’m taking about the U.S. military. Seems we’ve pumped so many bullets into trees, buildings, mosques, woman and children in Afghanistan and Iraq that we’re running out of ammo.

The United States is planning to buy hundreds of millions of bullets from Taiwan in the first such deal as its supplies are running low after wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a report said Thursday.

Citing Taiwanese military sources, the United Evening News said Washington had made the request to acquire some 300 million 5.56-millimeter bullets for rifles for an estimated two billion Taiwan dollars (62.5 million US).

The deal was yet to be finalized pending price negotiations, it said.

An unnamed general quoted by the paper said it would be the first time for Washington, Taiwan’s leading arms supplier, to acquire arms from the island.