Action Alert – Virginia’s Birth Control Protection Act

Today’s Action is to write or email a Virginia State Senator asking them to support Virginia’s Birth Control Protection Act.� Legislators in the Virginia General Assembly are continuing to try to blur the lines between contraception and abortion.� Senate Bill 456 will make it clear that birth control is basic health care and must not be subject to the political agenda of anti-choice hardliners.

Here’s a sample letter:
Dear State Senator,
I urge you to support Senate Bill 456.� This measure makes it clear that “contraception does not constitute abortion” and it defines contraception in accordance with standard medical practice.
It is sad that such a bill is necessary, but opponents of reproductive freedom have been trying to blur the lines between contraception and abortion for several years in the General Assembly.� Their legislative attacks on contraception have attempted to restrict women’s access to basic birth control, including birth control pills and emergency contraception.
The women and families of Virginia are depending on you to represent them and their need to plan and space their children.� Doing so greatly enhances family well-being.� With contraception used by 95% of American women, your vote in favor of Senate Bill 456 is a vote for women, families and children.



Even if you don’t live in Virginia, it’s important to stop state efforts to prevent access to birth control.� Today, the threat is in Virginia, but tomorrow, it could be in your state
Contact information can be found here.

Thank you for participating in today’s Action Alert.