End of the Week Note

“Gonzales Blasts Torture.” That was the screaming headline on the Dallas Morning News this morning. I watched quite a bit of the hearing on Thursday. Gonzales didn’t answer one question straight up. Not one. It was particularly revealing when he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer the question of whether or not the United States is putting its troops at higher risk of being mistreated by mistreating prisoners.
Oh Gonzales talked a good game in oleaginous generalities. He’s all against illegal actions, he said again and again, the assurances wreathed in the kind of smirk we’ve come to know covers utter soullessness. But when it came to specifics, Gonzales did the slip-slide away. He’s a perfect fit with this bunch. He reeks of corruption and self-satisfaction.
By the end of the hearing yesterday, I was as sick as I’ve ever been about this country and what it is engaging in. I do not want people tortured in my name. If this is one of the Christian Values that have been talked about ad nauseum since the election, then I have to wonder what kind of Christianity people are practicing. I’ve read the Bible. I know what Jesus taught. It sure as hell wasn’t that it’s ok to sexually molest people on the off chance that they can tell you something, and if that doesn’t work, bring on the German Sheperds.
Alberto Gonzales is a perfect metaphor for everything that has gone wrong in this country. The only “morality” this administration is concerned with is whatever phony baloney morality they can use against the people. Whatever it takes to keep the rubes occupied while they get out the electrodes and get busy going after whatever the fuck it is they want.
The fact that the Congress of the United States of America spent an entire day splitting hairs over what constitutes inhuman and cruel and demeaning treatment of prisoners is revolting. Alberto Gonzales is revolting.