Irony – Dead, Buried, Dug Up, Killed Again and Cremated

From Holden:

Your preznit speaks.

First, on why the U.S. is not a democracy.

And I believe when democracies take hold, it leads to peace. That’s been the proven example around the world. Democracies equal peace. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve in this administration.

Apparently Ohio is a province of Iraq.

Four of the 18 provinces are places where the terrorists are trying to stop people from voting.


Democracy is hard. Our own country has had a history of kind of a bumpy road toward democracy.

The return of strategery.

See, part of a successful strategy is one that says there’ll be elections and the political process will be going forward, but one in which the Iraqis assume more and more responsibility for their own security. And that’s precisely why the assessment team is going to Iraq, to make sure that at this historic moment in the history of Iraq, there is a focused, determined strategy to help the new government and the new and the — the new government to stand up the forces necessary to defend themselves because ultimately the success in Iraq is going to be the willingness of the Iraqi citizens to fight for their own freedom.