Republican Values: Porn, Plagiarism

From Romenesko, this is really fucking beyond the pale.

TALLAHASSEE — The day after Gov. Jeb Bush fired a top official over sexual harassment allegations, Bush’s office confirmed it had hired a former journalist who resigned in November following public allegations of plagiarism and sexual harassment.

Lloyd Brown, 65, resigned his position as editorial page editor of the Florida Times- Union in Jacksonville on Nov. 2 after a newspaper said its review found instances of plagiarism in some of the editorials Brown had written.

The plagiarism review was sparked after a former Times- Union editorial writer, Billee Bussard, wrote a lengthy article in Folio Weekly, a Jacksonville weekly newspaper.

In the article, titled “Porn, Hypocrisy, Plagiarism: The Dark Side of Jacksonville’s Daily,” Bussard wrote that Brown viewed Internet pornography in the paper’s office, and she said he conducted sexual conversations on the telephone while viewing the pornography in the workplace.

Remember when I told you all that the day would come when this blog would consist of links to stuff punctuated with the word “fuck” and the gentle thumping of my head against a wall? Yeah. That’s today.

I mean, okay, I get that because he lied and copied down right-wing stuff, he’s worthy of a job at the governor’s mansion, but c’mon, doesn’t the porn bother anybody? Are they going to install Internet filters on his government computer? Monitor his history?

And these are the guys nailing themselves to the cross and saying they’re persecuted for their high moral standards?

Yeah. Fuck. *thump*