Papal Envoy: Bush Lied, People Died

From Holden:

First Chimpy told Pat Robertson that U.S. forces would not suffer any casualties in Iraq. Then he told a Papal Envoy that we would be in and out quickly and everything would be peachy:

Cardinal Pio Laghi visited Bush at the White House on March 5, 2003, to relay the pope’s position that dialogue, not arms, should be used to resolve the crisis over Iraq, which the United States accused of harboring weapons of mass destruction.

“When I went to Washington as the pope’s envoy just before the outbreak of the war in Iraq, he (Bush) told me: `Don’t worry, your eminence. We’ll be quick and do well in Iraq,”‘ Laghi told Italian Catholic TV station Telepace, which was broadcasting the pontiff’s annual address to diplomats.

When the United States went to war in Iraq, Laghi called the attack on Baghdad “tragic and unacceptable.”

“Unfortunately, the facts have demonstrated afterward that things took a different course — not rapid and not favorable,” the prelate told Telepace. “Bush was wrong.”

Now, before you say the preznit did not lie, he was either mis-informed or simply held the mistaken belief that we could invade Iraq, depose Saddam and install a Jeffersonian Democracy in a few months, consider that once U.S. forces invaded Iraq the first order of business was to begin the construction of fourteen “enduring bases” in the conquered country.

When Bush told Cardinal Laghi that we would be “quick” in Iraq, he lied. If you believe in the concept of a “soul” and “heaven”, then you gotta agree that Bush is damned.