The Koufax-y Goodness Of It All

While you’re over there voting for First Draft in the categories of Best New Blog, Best Group Blog, and Best Writing (hmm, James Wolcott or me? C’mon, even my mom’s picking Wolcott), you might want to drop the Wampum blog a dime for having the whole show and all:

During the last Koufax Awards, we were able to squeak by (with lots of slow loading) under our old system. This year, due to the growth of the blogosphere, we anticipate much greater demand, and so will have to update the servers. Wampum has always been a labor of love, and we’ve never asked for contributions to run the site, but if we want to be prepared for the expected onslaught (without painful site loading) we are passing around the hat just this one time.

They do good work. Put some dough in their kitty.

Not like THAT, you sickos.