Justice Delayed

From Holden:

The Justice Department finally finds the time to open an investigation of the allegations of detainee abuse and torture that DOJ has been receiving from its own FBI agents for the past couple of years.

The Justice Department has opened a wide-ranging investigation into reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the military’s use of coercive and abusive tactics against prisoners held in American custody at Guantnamo Bay and in Iraq, officials said on Thursday.

The investigation, initiated recently by the inspector general at the Justice Department, will examine not only how reports of abuse witnessed by F.B.I. agents at the American base at Guantnamo Bay, Cuba, and in Iraq were handled, but also whether bureau agents themselves took part in any improper methods of interrogation at the prisons, which are run by the military.


In a letter to the Justice Department inspector general on Dec. 21, after the first batches of documents from the A.C.L.U. became public, Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and five other lawmakers, all Democrats, made an “urgent request” for the office to investigate the reports of torture and to determine how presidential or military directives played into such tactics.

Glenn A. Fine, the inspector general at the Justice Department, responded on Jan. 4, saying that his office had already begun “examining the involvement of Federal Bureau of Investigation staff in either observing or participating in the alleged abuse of detainees at the Guantnamo facility and at Abu Ghraib,” according to a copy of the letter provided by a member of Congress to The New York Times.

A little more than half-way through the linked article you will find this hidden gem:

The [Inspector General’s] office is expected to release another critical report on Friday regarding a former F.B.I. linguist who said she had been retaliated against for complaining of ineptitude in the bureau’s translation programs.

That should be an interesting report, as I assume that the “former F.B.I. linguist” they refer to is Sibel Edmonds.