That Did Not Take Long

From Holden:

Earlier today I linked to this WaPo article about the CIA’s National Intelligence Council report citing Iraq as the new training ground for terrorists. You probably can guess what the response from the White House was, but here it is just for grins.

The White House on Friday played down a government report which said the war in Iraq is providing an important training ground and recruitment center for Islamic terrorists.

“This is a speculative report about things that could happen in the world,” press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters on Air Force One as President Bush traveled to Florida for an education speech.


“The report confirms that we have the right strategy for winning the war on terrorism,” McClellan said.

Asked about the finding that the war had created a breeding ground for terrorists, he said, “That’s assuming that terrorists would just be sitting around and doing nothing if we weren’t staying on the offensive.”

OK, for the record:

1) CIA reports about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction are to be believed.

2) CIA reports citing Iraq as the new training ground for terrorists are “speculative”.

3) Speculative CIA reports confirm that the adminstration has “the right strategy for winning the war on terrorism”.

Got it?