Who Knew Mark Cuban Had a Blog?

From Holden:

Not me. Not until I read this article about the folks who are speaking out against the Coronation of Georgie (read it!), including billionaire Bush-supporter Mark Cuban.

As a country we face huge budget deficits. We face a declining currency. We have service people dying. We face responsibilities to help those suffering from the ongoing consequences and devastation from the Tsunamis. Then of course there are our obligations to our own citizens.


It’s up to President Bush to set an example.

How about it Mr. President? Can you take the first step? I can help you figure out where to start.

Start by cancelling your inauguration parties and festivities.

Could there be anything more confusing and shocking than to read that our country was offering $35mm [Holden Note: Cuban’s post was written before Bush was shamed into increasing his aid offer.] in aid to the areas affected by the Tsunamis, but that the cost of inauguration parties would be about $40mm?

Does anyone else think that this is wrong?

I realize that the cost for the inauguration is being picked up by corporate sponsors and people purchasing outrageously priced tickets. The question is why.

Why are all these corporations and people spending all that money? Hey I love a good party, but there ain’t no party like a $10,000 per ticket party. It’s a 10k dollar ass kissing. As an accountant, fund raiser when asked about the high prices to attend the Inaugural events told the NY Times, “its the cost of playing the game”.

Mr President, its time to change the game.

In your re-election campaign, you talked a lot about leadership. Your ability to lead in times like these. Your ability to set an example. Mr President, it’s time to show that leadership. It’s time to set an example.

Cancel all but the most basic inauguration requirements.

It should be the easiest decision of your 2nd term.