Glenn Reynolds: Dumb on Purpose

Trying to defray the stink of Armstrong Williams from his side of the political aisle, Glenn Reynolds is trying to whip up something about DailyKos and MyDD, except the facts don’t align with the Reynolds smear. He says:
I could just as easily ask how many other lefty bloggers (since Zephyr says there were more, too) were on campaigns’ payrolls, and pronounce the entire lefty blogosphere suspect.
1. Markos and Jerome disclosed their relationship with the Dean campaign.
2. They were not illegally paid taxpayer money.
Sorry, pal, but you guys are the ones under suspicion here. Armstrong Williams didn’t disclose his relationship and was paid taxpayer money. Williams said there were others, and we’d like to know who’s who.
Unless this is a little too close to home for some folks. (that’s GlennuendoTM for those of you playing at home)
UPDATE: Tony has more. yes, i know the instapundit isnt a news source, hes a propaganda source. but i dont want him to be a propaganda source. i want him to be good blogger and a source of right wing spin.
but he refuses to be anything more than a propaganda source and i really dont see why he does things like ignore the fact that yesterday the White House announced that its two year hunt for weapons of mass destruction is officially over and they found no wmd, the main reason it went to war with Iraq.

The biggest story of the year, and Reynolds spent the day photographing coeds at UT, according to Tony.
link here.
I know this story has been discussed all over the blogosphere for the last two days, but I couldn’t resist this take on it. The title alone merits another pass at it. But as far as that goes, the whole story, which has stirred up a non-issue about non-concerns about the ethics of liberal bloggers, is one of those interesting-sounding substance-less pieces of crap that gets lodged in the cesspools of the imagination that is the Right side of the blogosphere. I suppose it will continue to circle there until it finally makes its way down the drain.