People Say No To Lavish Coronation

From Holden:

Via Froomkin, we find this.

Officials say Bush’s inauguration ceremonies next week will cost about 40 million dollars, nearly all of it coming from private donations. Some people say that because the country is at war, it would be better to have a smaller and more subdued inauguration. Others favor continuing the country’s tradition of large inaugural celebrations. Which of these views comes closer to your own?

Responses by Party (Democrat, Republican. Independent, and All)

Better to have smaller, more subdued inauguration

D – 81% R – 46% I – 68% All – 66%

Continue tradition of large inaugural celebrations

D – 18% R – 52% I – 30% All – 32%

Don’t Know/No opinion

D – 1% R – 2% I – 3% All – 2%