A Friend in Need

One of Eschaton’s regulars, smalfish, is in a major spot of difficulty:

Apparently the government in their wisest of wise wisdom has found that it is leagal to steal someone’s house and I am caught up in a shitstorm.

I had no idea what kind of bullshit was lurking untill yesterday when a local news reporter wanted to interview me because my house had just been sold without my knowledge.Needless to say I was floored.

For 1000 dollars and some change my homeowners association has thrown me and my family under the bus,and its going to take some serious running to get out from under it.

You can donate through Paypal to help smalfish keep his house. Click here.

Look, this happens to people all the time, and not just through government bureaucrat ratfucking. People lose their jobs and run out of money, and with their whole savings tied up in the house, when that’s gone, so is their future. For most people, the house is still everything they have. Which makes it all the better if we can help when we find out about it happening to someone we know.

We gave turkee to Kerry because we didn’t want to see people suffer under this regime. No reason we can’t continue to do our best to see that people don’t suffer. The people who hang out on this blog, and on that one, are good people who are in politics because they care about one another. Let’s do some good here.