Upsetting the Neighbors

From Holden:

The Turks are most unhappy about the growing autonomy of Kurdish Iraq.

“Our common goal is to keep Iraq united. Territorial integrity of Iraq should be preserved. Political unity of Iraq should be kept,” [Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul] said.

“There are some dangers,” he added, saying parts of Iraq had been safe havens for terrorists who attacked Turkey, and that some were still there.

“We hope that the United States will pay good attention on this and will deal with this problem since they are the authority in Iraq so far.”

Asked if the United States was doing enough, he said: “We are expecting more.”

He did not elaborate.

We can only hope that their displeasure hampers the administration’s designs on Iran.

Asked if Ankara was prepared to allow US forces to be based in Turkey for a pre-emptive strike on any Iranian nuclear facilities, Gul said: “There is no such issue now.

“I think, so far, that’s not the issue,” he said. “We believe that the problem can be solved in a peaceful way.”