Pay Up, Athenae

From Holden:

Athenae and I have a history. We’ve been known to wager on certain developments in American politics over at Eschaton, wagers that she inexplicably wins. But not this time.

Yesterday evening, while we were all trying to figure out how to help our friend smalfish I had an idea for a bet and presented it to Ms. Athenae:

I bet Denny “The Meatpuppet” Hastert will cut a loud-n-long one within the first ten minutes of Chimpy’s SOTU.

Holden Caulfield | Email | Homepage | 02.02.05 – 6:13 pm |

Whadda you know? I was right, and I have photographic evidence.

More proof!

OK, Athenae, time to put your money where Denny’s ass is.