President Asshole

From Holden:

What kind of man would drag the Social Security Administration’s Associate Commissioner for Retirement Policy around the country in a fruitless attempt to lend a shred of credibility to his plan to destroy the most successful government program in American history only to insult the Commissioner at the first opportunity?

This kind of man.

THE PRESIDENT: Okay. Andrew Biggs is with us. He is the Associate Commissioner for Retirement Policy of the Social Security Administration, Washington, D.C. In other words, he is an expert on the subject.

Andrew, step forth. Let the people of Arkansas — no, sit forth — let the people of Arkansas — (applause.)

DR. BIGGS: Thanks very much.

THE PRESIDENT: Tell them whether or not we got a problem or not, from your perspective.

DR. BIGGS: Put simply, we do, in fact, have a problem.

THE PRESIDENT: By the way, this guy — PhD. See, I was a C student. (Laughter.) He’s a PhD, so he’s probably got a little more credibility. I do think it’s interesting and should be heartening for all C students out there, notice who’s the President and who’s the advisor. (Laughter and applause.) All right, Andrew, get going. (Applause.) Andrew’s got a good sense of humor.