A Giant Flushing Sound

From Holden:

Chimpy’s latest budget proposal cuts domestic programs to the bone. But it also includes a proposal for another half-a billion dollars for Iraqi reconstruction, depite the fact that he is preparing to submit a supplemental request for an additional $80 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan. Hell, security in Iraq is so poor that the administration has spent only $2 billion of the $18.4 billion that Congress approved in 2003 for Iraqi reconstruction so far.

Dems should make a stand. Any proposed cuts in domestic spending should be offset by either a roll-back of tax cuts for the rich or by equivalent cuts in spending on Iraq. Shoot, one tenth of the money Chimpy is asking for Iraq this time around would wipe out the cuts he has proposed on the domestic side. It’s our money, dammit, and it’s not xenophobic to argue that our priorities begin at home.

Let’s start by slashing that gold-plated embassy back to the bare minimum. That way when the Islamic Republic of Iraq proclaims the U.S. to be the Great Satan and Iraqi students storm the embassy we won’t have as much to lose.