”Gannon” Takes It From Both Ends

From Holden:

You expect lefties like the Kossites, AmericaBlog, Atrios, World O’Crap, and yours truly to take shots at military party-doll J.D. Guckert Max Power Jeff Gannon. But the blood doesn’t really start to flow until the wingers get in on the act, as Roderick Oglethorpe does in this Conservative Voice article entitled…

Wait for it…

“Jeff Gannon” a gay porn entrepreneur?

After concisely summarizing the “Jeff Gannon” story to date (and slipping us this photo of “Jeff” from a West Chester University of Pennsylvania TKE alumni party) Oglethorpe closes with the following.

This article has been in two parts. First “Gannon”s web sites are registered by the same company that has registered gay oriented websites and the total number of sites is not large. Either “Gannon” is “I. Christian” and “Jack Daniels” and is responsible for everything, or he associates with the wrong people and is too stupid to discover anything wrong about them.

The second half is more speculative. Is “Gannon” really “Guckert” and “jdg17”? Occam’s razor says they are, and I think so. jdg17’s portrait is definitely a cry for homosexual “love”.

“Jeff Gannon” has been contacted and has not denied any of these interpretations. Maybe after this article is published he will have something to say.

Oh, Baby!