When Yesterday’s Hero Becomes Today’s Embarrasment

From Holden:

Conservative Voice Senior Editor Sher Zieve, writing on Feb. 2 about “Jeff Gannon”‘s press conference softball for Georgie:

I would like to formally thank Mr. Gannon for addressing an issue that many of us in the New Media have been writing about, as well as his asking the question many of us hoped would be asked. But now, the old media’s vilification includes Gannon. I am, however, convinced that he will not only be able to withstand the leftist arrows aimed at him but, will view each prick of an arrowhead as a badge of honor. Bravo, Mr. Gannon! We have been waiting for you.

And today, the rapid backpedal:

[w]hen I quote something said or asked by a reporter, during a presidential News Conference, I do not affect a “background check” of the reporter.