Have I Mentioned that I Love the New York Daily News?

From Holden:

Check out the headline from today’s New York Daily News:

Bush Press Pal Quits Over Gay Prostie Link

Ha! You gotta love the Daily News.

However, the money issue is artfully outlined at OfficialWire.com.

Working for a news website, owned by a GOP activist, Guckert was able to obtain White House press credentials under an assumed name despite the requirement for a secret background check—suggesting that ‘Gannon’s’ real name was known but that White House officials permitted the use of an assumed name.

That’s the real issue here. If the White House press office is doing its job, then they knew Guckert was using an alias. Someone must ask Scottie if the White House did a background check on Guckert. If not, why not? If they did the required check, why was he given a daily press pass with a false name?

Hell, both the House and the Senate knew “Gannon” was a fraud, as CNN reports:

The House and Senate press galleries declined Guckert’s request for credentials in 2003.

Julie Davis, chairwoman of the Senate press gallery’s executive committee, said Guckert could not demonstrate any separation between Talon News and GOPUSA, a Republican consulting group.

After the Kerik episode one wonders how seriously they take these background checks. Any day now I expect Little Scottie to call on Bosama lin Baden, Washington Bureau Chief for Jihad News/ALQAEDA-USA.