Scalp Collecting 2: Vigilante Edition

Oh, for the love of God. Bloggers are now “vigilantes.”

In the age of blogging, what you say or do can be used against you quickly and repeatedly until you surrender.


The bloggers who went after Jordan claim him as another trophy. From their perspective, he hangs next to Dan Rather, who announced he would retire as the “CBS Evening News” anchor after bloggers pointed to flaws in his report about President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard.


Blogger Gannon’s blogging adversaries found that his real name is James Dale Guckert, that his website belongs to a Texas Republican activist and that he had registered Internet domain names with sexual overtones, such as Gannon, alias Guckert, said he was resigning from Talon News “in consideration of the welfare of me and my family.”

Again, far be it from me to defend Powerline et al, but last I heard they didn’t ride out on horseback and shoot Eason Jordan down in front of the OK Corral because he slept with Mrs. Hindrocket. John Aravosis didn’t hang Jim Guckert from the sour apple tree because Guckert spit in the sheriff’s face. Nobody’s storming the county jail demanding the execution of Tom Robinson. Can we all please calm the fuck down?

In response to last night’s call for examples of good investigative reporting, we got this good example from First Drafter CuriousinMinnesota:

St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly placed his senior aide on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a federal investigation into an allegation that the aide, attorney Sia Lo, demanded a bribe from an area businessman.

The move comes more than a week after Lo was publicly named as the target of an FBI investigation into corruption that started 10 months ago.


Sources with knowledge of the investigation told the Star Tribune last week that Lo allegedly demanded that a businessman pay a bribe to get development rights for a Hmong funeral home. Lo, who has worked at City Hall since 2001, has strongly denied the allegation.

I doubt this reporter will be classified as a “vigilante.”

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