Fifteen-Hundred and Two

From Holden:

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As of this morning 1502 American men and women will not be coming home from Iraq – ever.

With efforts to form a coalition government sputtering and the Interim Government of Iraq extending martial law for another 30 days the sound of Freedom on the March! can’t be heard above the shuffling feet of the dead.

And what of our brave coalition? It continues to crumble, as the Dutch pull out and the Ukrainians pull out leaving the Poles scrambling to reduce their deployment.

What’s this, some good news for the remaining coalition members? Yes, the Turks are joining the fight! Oh, shit, they’re siding with the insurgency!

Speaking of the Enemy-Formerly-Known-As-Dead-Enders, check out Anthony H. Cordesman’s analysis of the Iraqi insurgency for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Find out why denial is not the most successful method for fighting those folks.