Lest we think that campaign coverage was the sum total of her hackery, read Jodi Wilgoren on the granddaughter of the “Rev.” Fred Phelps:

Miss Phelps knows well the toxic reaction. Hence the yard signs that say simply, “Jael,” and her bland introduction as she knocks on the doors of Meadow Lane: “My name is Jael. I’m running for City Council.”

Although her grandfather is easily caricatured, with his epithets and dire prophesies, she is a wholesome tomboy with straight A’s who rarely uses his favored slur for gays.

This comes a few paragraphs after Ms. Wilgoren quotes Jael Phelps as saying this:

“The main reason why I got into the race,” she said as she strolled the streets in search of support, “is so the people of District 9 would know who the incumbent is. We have someone whose goal in life is to make it so the governmental stamp of approval is put on sin, and an abomination at that.”

Now, I’m not one to judge anybody by the beliefs of their relatives. Look at Maya Keyes and Ron Reagan Jr. Hell, my own family thinks I was hatched, my politics are so far from theirs. But Jael Phelps stands out there at those rallies and holds those signs that say “God Hates Fags.” She campaigns on a platform composed entirely of deriding the incumbent’s sexuality. What’s “wholesome” about that?