Safety Net

From Holden:

I mentioned earlier that Scottie said the words “safety net” three times during today’s gaggle, indicating that these are the Bush assministration’s new Social Security-gutting buzzwords.

Today in New Jersey Georgie wasted no time warbling from the new hymnal.

First, let me say to you that the Social Security system has been a very important system, and I understand that. Social Security has provided a safety net for many retirees. And that’s an important safety net. But the safety net has got a hole in it, and we need to make sure we save that safety net for future generations of Americans to come.

The remainder of this “conversation” on Social Security was much the same as the previous ten he has put on around the country. He’s still claiming the system will “go broke” and is high on private accounts. With the poll numbers as bad as they have been on this issue, he’s going to open each “conversation” by praising the safety net before he attempts to rend it.