Finding Iraqi WMD Was Never a Priority

From Holden:

Via Juan Cole we learn that U.S. forces in Iraq allowed 90 UN monitored sites to be looted.

Some 90 sites in Iraq that the United Nations had monitored for unconventional arms materials have been looted since the U.S. intervention, according to a new U.N. inspection report.


Inspectors, using photos and serial numbers, previously reported that the looting of unguarded sites resulted in missile engines turning up among scrap in the Dutch port of Rotterdam. But the new report gave more comprehensive figures on how many of the unguarded sites have been looted since the U.S. invasion of Iraq two years ago.

Before they left Iraq, U.N. inspectors had examined 411 sites, the report said. After the war, they examined 353 sites and determined that 70 of them were “subjected to varying degrees of bomb damage.”

“The continuing examination of the imagery has revealed that approximately 90 of the total 353 sites analyzed containing material of relevance have been stripped and/or razed,” Mr. Perricos said in the report.