It’s a Shanghai Spring in America’s high schools

By Keith Waak New Prairie High School
You see them everywhere now at school, they’re in the guidance offices, they’re in the cafeteria, and some are even in the classes pulling students out. Who are these people I am speaking of? Why military recruiters, of course.
The Navy, Marines, Air Force, the Army, all of them are trying to pull you onto their side. They even call your home trying to get you to say those few magic words, “Yes, I’ll set up an appointment.”
It seems to me that recruiters just don’t seem to give up these days. They greet you in halls and make promises that make it seem like the military can fix any problem and make the rest of your life a utopia, which for some is true. But what about those students who don’t want to join? They still don’t give up not even after they say no.
Kim Rush, a parent of a former New Prairie student Ryan Rush, actually had to threaten to sue to get the recruiters to stop calling her house. Doesn’t that seem like it’s crossing a few lines? The fact of the matter is it’s getting to a point in which it reaches harassment, making students, parents, and even teachers very upset. Going into the military is a great idea, but students and their family should make it.
Recruitment is reaching a point in which it is getting tiresome. Let the students make up their minds without the influence of Mr. John Doe from the Navy leaning over their shoulder.

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