‘He’s been a great help to us. He’s a natural leader.’

James Carville and Stan Greenberg point out that the Democrats have done so well with this Social Security thing, so here’s how to fuck that up:

But at a time when many Democrats are congratulating one another, others are beginning to worry that their strategy of rigid opposition has not begun to pay any political dividends and that Bush could yet outflank them before this fight is over.

The party’s situation was posed most provocatively by two veteran Democratic strategists, Stan Greenberg and James Carville. In a memo issued last week, the two wrote: “We ask progressives to consider, why have the Republicans not crashed and burned?”

“Why has the public not taken out their anger on the congressional Republicans and the president?” they added. “We think the answer lies with voters’ deeper feelings about the Democrats who appear to lack direction, conviction, values, advocacy or a larger public purpose.”

I think the answer lies in that the public has no vehicle through which to take out that anger. Wait till the 2006 elections. Oh, and STFU about this shit in public, wouldja?

You know, I was going to write a long post about the need for Carville in particular to continue to torpedo every single advancement his party has made in the past four years by reminding us all it’s not as good as it was in the days when Bill Clinton was in office and was a genius and had a 10-foot Clenis and healed Republicans with his bare hands and Jimmy was right there beside him holding the hem of presidential cloak, but honestly, I think JimMEH would benefit more from an introduction to my good friend here.