Sitting Ducks Italiano

From Holden:

Now it’s Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi who is calling the U.S. military a pack of liars.

The Italian intelligence agent killed by American forces in Iraq had U.S. military authorization for his operation to win the release of a hostage, Premier Silvio Berlusconi said Wednesday.

In his first major address since Friday’s shooting strained relations between Washington and one of its biggest allies, Berlusconi told Italy’s Senate that the car carrying agent Nicola Calipari and hostage Giuliana Sgrena stopped immediately when a light was flashed. The U.S. military has said the Americans used hand and arm signals, flashing white lights, and firing warning shots to try to get the car to stop.


“The case of friendly fire is certainly the most painful to bear. It feels like an injustice beyond any sentiment. It’s something unreasonable,” Berlusconi said.