Action Alert – you’re gonna love it: John Cosgrove. Again.

Action of the Day
Last night at Eschaton, Atrios explained that Delegate John Cosgrove (R) from the Virginia legislature was on television criticizing Maura Keaney, the blogger who alterted America to Cosgrove’s plan to make criminals out of women who had miscarriages.� Cosgrove ignored an e-mail from Kuehne but then complained that she’d dared to blog about his bill without first running her blog past him.
Contact Cosgrove, who apparently doesn’t appreciate having to waste his time responding to, you know, voters and remind him that in a democracy, citizens aren’t required to get a politician’s permission before they tell other citizens about a bill introduced by the politician.� Cosgrove represents Chesaeake, Virginia, where the zip code is 23328.
John Cosgrove:

���� (800) 889-0229 or (804) 698-1078 (phone)

���� (804) 786-6310 (fax)
You might also want to check out Keaney’s blog at:
Thanks for taking today’s action!