Baboon-a-palooza Hits Memphis

From Holden:

Your president flew to Memphis today to continue pushing the demolition of Social Security. And after reading the transcript I’m shocked to report that Chimpy forgot to mention that there is no Social Security Trust Fund for the first time since the road show stared about a month ago. Reading the entire transcript, it appears to be that Dear Leader was either bored or in a hurry as he also forgot to mention that a C student president has people working under him with PhDs.

Enough about what Chimpy was too bored to say, let’s see what he did say in Memphis.

First, he took the time to thank the turncoat lending the stink of bipartisanship to his chimp-and-pony show.

I do want to thank Congressman Harold Ford for being here. I’m honored you’re here, Congressman. (Applause.)

Now I know that Rep. Ford has variously claimed that he does not support privatization, but he’s still a turncoat as far as I’m concerned for appearing as a prop in the president’s road show.

Next, it’s time to knock down that racist straw man again, this time with a twist: your president does not believe that there is an investor class in this country. Cancel my subscription to Barron’s!

People say, well, I’m not so sure I know how to invest. You know, there’s kind of this notion that there is an investor class in America. That sounds a little limited to me, that only a certain number — certain type of person can invest. I don’t subscribe to that notion. I believe everybody has got — should have the opportunity to invest, and I believe everybody can invest. (Applause.)

And finally, I wish the White House would not edit out the little testimonials Chimpy’s paw-selected local-yokels spit out at each event because I would like to know what preceded this exchange.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s called political propaganda.

PASTOR JACKSON: Oh, political — okay, political propaganda. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: That’s what they said when I ran for President in 2000. I actually brought the issue up. They said, if he gets elected, he’s going to take away your check. It didn’t happen. Everybody got their checks. That’s why propaganda — that’s empty. That means —


THE PRESIDENT: Yes, there’s no truth to it. Go ahead.

Yes, the man who brought you Iraqi WMDs, Jessica Lynch, , “Clear Skies”, Armstrong Williams and “Jeff Gannon” says there is “no truth to” political propaganda.