Rome CSI

From Holden:

The Rome’s Public Prosecutor is opening an investigation of the checkpoint shooting of Nicola Calipari.

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld telephoned Italian Defence Minister Antonio Martino yesterday – his second call this week – to express his sympathy over what he described as “the most unfortunate incident” and assure him there would be a thorough investigation.

But the public prosecutor’s office in Rome has opened its own inquiry, authorised by the Italian Justice Minister.

The Italian investigators have asked the US military to hand over the car used by Calipari, as well as the mobile phones and satellite phones they believe were taken by the US soldiers after the shooting.

The grey Toyota Corolla was due to be flown to Italy yesterday, L’Unita newspaper reported, but the Italian military plane sent to pick up the car returned empty.

Italy’s public broadcaster, RAI, showed photographs of the car after the attack and reported that the US gunshots had been aimed at “passenger level”. A US military spokesman had claimed the troops shot at the engine block.