Catching Up On Baboon-a-palooza

From Holden:

Your president ended the week in Shreveport, Louisiana. I’ve noticed that the man with a notoriously short attention span has cut his Social Security demolition dog-and-pony act down from over well an hour for the February shows to just under 45 minutes on Friday. Is he now bored with this issue? Too bad you can’t drop bombs on Social Security as you can Iraqi children, he never gets tired of that.

Shreveport was honored with the return of the pothole joke, once reserved for mayors hosting Bush/Cheney ’04 campaign events.

Mayor George DeMent of Bossier City. (Applause.) Thank you, George. Proud you two guys are here. Just fill the potholes. (Laughter.) You didn’t ask for any advice. (Laughter.)

Chimpy continued to deny that Treasury Bonds have the full faith and credit of the United States of America, but this time with a twist – he slipped and admitted that he was part of the problem.

It’s a pay-as-you-go system, by the way; people pay in and the money goes out to pay for the benefits. Some people say, what about the Social Security trust? As if the government collects your money and holds it in your account and then when you retire, gives it back to you. That’s not how it works. The government collects your money, and they spend it. (Laughter.) And they spend it on retirement benefits, but they were spending it — or we spent it on other things, too.

And remember, only racists opposed the destruction of Social Security.

And I think it ought to be in families all across the — all kinds of families ought to be able to do this. You know, there’s this kind of sense about, well, this may not work because some people aren’t capable of investing — as if the investor class was only a certain type of person. That’s not what I agree with. I agree — I think that everybody is plenty capable. I think that everybody ought to be given the opportunity to save their own money and put it aside as a part of the Social Security trust.