Soo-prise, Soo-prise, Soo-prise

From Holden:

DINOs slowly learn that they cannot trust George Bush.

The Blue Dogs are angry at Mr. Bush over the intensity of the president’s — and his party’s — campaigning against Democrats who backed him on tax cuts, the Iraq war and other issues. Casualties include a Blue Dogs founder, former Democratic Rep. Charles Stenholm of Texas, who had been a cosponsor of a bipartisan bill to make changes in Social Security similar to those the president seeks.

Conservative Democrats, with unusual passion, say trust is lacking. “It’s about credibility,” says Rep. Gene Taylor of Mississippi, who says lawmakers got faulty information about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Medicare drug-benefit cost estimates and other issues. “So when this guy says, ‘We have a crisis in Social Security and trust me to fix it,’ the credibility isn’t there,” he says.