Catching Bin Laden Not A Priority

From Holden:

Three-and-a-half years after the Twin Towers fell we have no idea where Osama bin Laden is and don’t really care to look for him.

[Image courtesy of the Freeway Blogger.]

Pakistani and American officials said Tuesday the hunt for top al-Qaida and Taliban leaders would continue, but acknowledged the trail was cold.

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf said his forces believed they had nearly hunted down Osama bin Laden about 10 months ago, but had since lost track of him.


“The success of this mission should not be predicated upon the amount of fugitives or threat groups we remove,” [Maj. Gen. Jason] Kamiya said.

“Instead it should be focused on increasing the capacity, increasing the reach of the Afghan central government.”


“We don’t know where he is. If we had a good definition we’d obviously have apprehended him,” [overall U.S. commander in Afghanistan Lt. Gen. David] Barno said of the al-Qaida leader, who some analysts suspect may be hiding near the rugged border with Pakistan.