AMERICAblog Blogging: GOP’s Big Tent in Tatters

From Holden:

John Aravosis and friends have firmly ensconced themselves on my morning must read list. A visit to AMERICAblog never goes unrewarded.

This morning John tells us that Ahnold has ruled out any attempt to change the California State Consitution to ban same-sex marriage. I’m guessing that Orrin Hatch’s “Foreign-Born President” amendment will now wither on the vine.

Then, like clockwork, John points us to this post by Pam Spaulding, who comments on a column by Adam Graham (former Montana State Coordinator for the Alan Keyes 2000 presidential campaign) at Keyes’s Renew America web site in which Graham advises The Chosen to vote for conservative Democrats when faced with a Republican candidate who doesn’t hate enough.