I Swear We Thought He Was A Journalist

From Holden:

More checkpoint follies in Iraq, as a senior Iraqi Army general is gunned down at an American checkpoint.

The deputy commander of the Iraqi army in western Al-Anbar province was shot dead by US troops at a checkpoint Tuesday night, a police officer said.

“The US forces opened fire at 8:00 pm (1700 GMT) on Brigadier General Ismail Swayed al-Obeid, who had left his base in Baghdadi to head home,” police Captain Amin al-Hitti said.

“They spotted him on the road after the curfew, which goes into effect at 6 pm,” the officer said in Baghdadi, 185 kilometres (142 miles) west of the capital.

No immediate reaction was available from the US military.

The U.S. Army in Iraq won’t tell anyone just what their rules of engagement are, but I’m guessing that anyone caught out after curfew (6 PM!!!) will be shot on sight, even a general in the army we’re spending billions of dollars to train.