A Real Morality Play

I won’t go back through all the facts and the incredible amount of information and misinformation about Terri Shiavo – the story is everywhere. I just want to make something as clear as I can. Terri Shiavo’s brain is mostly gone, replaced by fluid. Any number of doctors have testified to what anyone with even the most rudimentary understanding of physiology can see: without a functioning brain, there is nothing to receive nerve impulses. That is what pain is – nerve impulses sent to the brain.
Consequently, if this whole carnival proves nothing else, it proves that the Religious Right and the Republicans care nothing about the real pain that real people suffer. Because the 108 people who have died violently in U.S. custody in Afghanistan and Iraq have engendered no outcry whatsoever from the Republicans and the Religious Right. Those were people with functioning brains. They died in terror and agony. Most were tortured to death by Americans. link.

So I want everyone to take a good damn long hard look at the morals of the “moral values” crowd. Then ask yourself what kind of morals dictate lying about and harassing Michael Shiavo, who by all accounts has unstintingly tried to do everything he could for his wife, including having experimental brain stimulation therapy done to try to restore her consciousness. And then ask yourself what kind of morals dictate utter silence over the torturing to death of 108 living, feeling human beings. When you can answer those questions honestly, you will begin to understand just how perverted the “moral values” of the Republicans and the Religious Right really are.