JimJeff Hearts Santorum (Both the Substance and the Senator)

From Holden:

The New York Times Magazine posed twenty non-fluffer questions to the right’s favorite male prostitute, who came as close as he ever has to admitting he was gay while confessing to a fondness for the ways of the junior senator from Pennsylvania.

Do you find it hard to be a gay conservative in this country in light of the right-wing hostility to gay rights?

I prefer that to be a private issue. I am more interested in national defense, taxation and immigration than in personal issues. I would like people’s personal lives to be behind the barrier once again, like they used to be.

Still, it seems fair to ask about your position on gay marriage.

My position is that I can’t imagine that gay marriage would be something that I would be interested in in the first place. I actually like being alone. I have decided that is how I want to live. I have a dog named Winston. I am still the same to Winston, no matter what, and there is comfort in that. Winston doesn’t watch the news.