We Want Moe Szyslak

From Holden:

Ari Berman writing online for The Nation

More Obama Drama: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…This week, Glen Ford of The Black Commentator magazine keenly noticed that Barack Obama’s name was once again in the Democratic Leadership Council’s “New Dem Directory.” (Read the back story here.) Ford called Obama’s staff, who told the DLC to once again remove Obama’s name. The DLC’s eager beaver mea culpa was sadly illuminating: “Turns out I was misinformed about Obama’s being a member of the Senate New Democrat Coalition,” admitted the DLC’s Ed Kilgore. “The misunderstanding was based on the two different meanings of ‘New Democratic Senators'”–or on the DLC’s desperation to claim any marketable Democrat as its own.

Prompting me to ask, Hey Josh, can you bring Harry Shearer back?