Don’t Dare Question Your Elected Official

From Holden:

Here’s the transcript from yesterday’s Baboon-a-palooza event in Bakersfield, California, featuring Big Time Dick and House Ways and Means Committee Chair Bill Thomas. These public servants solicited questions from the audience but, as I mentioned previously, one American citizen was hauled away when he tried to ask a question the elected officials apparently did not like.

Q (Inaudible.) [Yeah, right. Inaudible. None of the other questions asked during this event were inaudible, but somehow the White House transcriber couldn’t make this one out.]

CHAIRMAN THOMAS: All right, all right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Q (Inaudible)



CHAIRMAN THOMAS: Thank you. Now, as you can see, someone wants to make a spectacle of themselves and they are successfully doing that. (Applause.) One of the things —

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Treat him with kindness. Treat him with kindness.

CHAIRMAN THOMAS: There you go.


Q (Inaudible.)

CHAIRMAN THOMAS: Notice that they want to make sure they’re impolite enough to be asked to leave.

Q (Inaudible.)

CHAIRMAN THOMAS: In case you didn’t hear some of his comment, he was commenting on other systems in other parts of the world who are beginning to look at this. And Great Britain and others have begun looking at it.

I’ve found that if you don’t look at what other people are doing, you don’t get a full appreciation of options that are available to you. Once again, if this were 1940, we wouldn’t be here. It isn’t 1940.

Of course Rep. Thomas is lying. Great Britain has not begun to “look at this”, they partially privatized their tax-supported pension system in 1988, with dire results.