Fuck Y’all AND This Popsicle Stand

St. Pete Times’ columnist Troxler:

Tom DeLay’s conduct is odious. He represents everything bad about Congress. His principal pastime is raising large amounts of money from wicked people in return for hurting the public good.

The notion that Tom DeLay of Texas is entitled to usurp Florida’s rule of law with the claim of being morally superior is akin to Bill Clinton coming down to lecture us on marital fidelity.

On top of that, anyone in the way of these half-witted bombasts is a devil. It is not possible that Michael Schiavo might actually believe he is doing what Terri wanted – no. He is a murderer. It is not possible Judge George Greer actually made what he thought was the correct legal decision – he is “merciless.”

If you are cheering because Congress acted in the midnight hour to “save” Terri, be sure of what you are cheering for.

I would lay large amounts of money on most of the protesters having less than half a clue what the cheer even is right now, much less what it means.