An Unholy Saturday

One woman in a wheelchair regularly moves up and down sidewalks in front of the hospice yelling in a megaphone, “We’re disabled, not disposable!” and “Terri is a person, not a vegetable!”
Relatives of hospice residents say the clamor — intended to rattle Michael Schiavo — rattles their patience.
“It’s a real pain in the neck,” said Bill Douglass, whose mother-in-law is a resident. He said the only consolation is that she is “oblivious” to the outside scene.

Police and hospice officials say they are trying to minimize the intrusion on hospice residents and their families, and that the security measures are meant to protect the privacy and safety of all residents, not just Schiavo.
But Johnson, 24, said her 73-year-old grandfather, Thomas Bone, was restricted from moving freely around the hospice grounds during his final days. He died just hours after Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed and protests intensified.
“They’ve taken away hospice’s greatest quality, that it is peaceful and serene and quiet and calming — and it’s not fair,” Johnson said.


There are 70 patients in the hospice. Everyone one of those people has come to that hospice to die. Their families are there to share their last moments with their loved ones. And instead of this what they have are a bunch of religious loons screeching and using bullhorns and going into hysterics and getting arrested. And getting their children arrested.
Is this contemporary American Christianity? This is like a demon horde from hell. They are without any feelings for other human beings without any morals, and without any thought. They are without humanity.
I don’t remember my NT that well, but isn’t Holy Saturday the day when Christ went down to hell? These creatures outside of the hospice slavering over the death of what remains of Terri Schiavo have managed to drag hell right up to earth.