Radio Days

From Holden:

I was just over at Yahoo looking for more images of fundies protesting over the Schiavo case in Florida when I came across this image.

I was intrigued by the red poster, where it says “DAHL.COM” at the bottom. What the hell is DAHL.COM?

Turns out that DAHL.COM belongs to Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl, who credits himself with single-handedly destroying disco in 1979.

Here’s Steve Dahl here.

Steve thought it was a good idea to send an inflatible version of himself to stand guard outside Ms. Schiavo’s hospice, seen here as it was displayed on Fox News with the ubiquitous red tape of life over his mouth.

Here’s another image of the inflatible Steve.

Nice work, Steve. Way to respect the privacy of Ms. Schiavo and the other patients waiting to die with dignity at Woodside Hospice.

Speaking of respect and dignity, here’s another image of Denver resident Karl Henderson mocking the police officers assigned to protect the hospice. World O’Crap connects Henderson to “Denver radio personality (and major wingnut) Bob Enyart”.