The Legacy of Dirty Sanchez

From Holden:

As the number of Iraqis by U.S. Forces doubles the torture and abuse authorized by Gen. Ricardo Sanchez continues.

According to figures from the Pentagon, the U-S is holding more than ten-thousand prisoners in Iraq. That’s more than double the number held in October. And, there are more allegations of prisoner abuse in detention facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A report issued Friday described soldiers stripping prisoners naked and making them walk home, detainees beaten and kicked and forced exercise to the point of exhaustion.

Today, the group Human Rights First is releasing its own report that warns that the larger number of detainees raises the risk of mistreatment. It also accuses the U-S of increasing secrecy about the detainees. It claims the International Committee of the Red Cross is being denied access to some field prisons.

The military admits about 100 prisoners are under the age of 18.