A Post To Show We Haven’t Cornered The Market On Fuck-Ups

From Holden:

Hey, the Brits are as inept as we are.

The British army has apologized for raiding the home of a prominent Iraqi politician based on flawed intelligence, The Telegraph reported Thursday.

The blunder occurred Monday night in Basra, when the home of Iraqi Member of Parliament Mansour Abdulrazzaq Mansour was swarmed by troops and surrounded by tanks and helicopters. Mansour has long been a staunch ally of coalition forces.

They smashed the windows of the cars parked in the garage, smashed the computer to the ground and took $260,000 from the house, an angry Mansour said.


The blunder was compounded by the fact the British military had provided a helicopter to fly Mansour to Baghdad for the second meeting of the national assembly just hours before the raid.