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From Holden:

From reader Big Al, the latest Bobo’s World Tour of Glass Houses.

The son of an influential Augusta lawmaker is in the Richmond County Jail on child molestation charges.

William Wesley Burmeister, 23, of Clayton County was arrested in an aggravated child molestation case Wednesday afternoon, said Richmond County sheriff’s Maj. Ken Autry.

Burmeister is the eldest of four children of Rep. Sue Burmeister (R-Augusta).

The lawmaker, a conservative Christian, has carried some of the Republican Party’s most important legislation, including HB 188, requiring the publication of photographs of convicted sex offenders in local newspapers. Burmeister ushered that bill to final passage Thursday.

“If it’s a good piece of legislation, it’s a good piece of legislation,” she said. “It’s ironic.”

Burmeister is secretary of the Republican majority caucus in the House.


Wesley Burmeister is accused of molesting a girl, now 16, over a period of nine years, officials said.

“These are still allegations,” Sue Burmeister said at the Capitol. “There’s factfinding that needs to be done. He obviously wants the facts to come out.”