John Paul II: Ignored By The Ignorant

From Holden:

Shorter Georgie: I’m looking forward to planting the man I ignored.

Longer Georgie:

First, Laura and I are looking forward to leading a delegation to honor the Holy Father. He will go down in history as a — he will show people that one man can make a difference in people’s lives. He’s a courageous person; he’s a moral person; he was a Godly person. And he’s had huge influence, Steve, not only amongst, for example, young people in America, but around the world. One of his great legacies will be the influence he had on the young.

He spoke to the poor; he spoke to morality. And of course, he was a man of peace. And he didn’t like war, and I fully understood that and I appreciated the conversations I had with the Holy Father on the subject.