They’re Angry Because We Ran Out of Whiskey

From Holden:

Via tapped we bring you the comic wit of Colorado’s republican governor Bill Owens.

Colorado Gov. Bill Owens apologized for saying “the natives are getting restless” during a conference on tribal gambling.

Owens made the remark at the Western Governors’ Association Summit after a participant’s microphone wouldn’t work and he urged it be fixed quickly. Some attendees told the Rocky Mountain News the audience fell silent, then groaned and chuckled.


Richard Milanovich of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians in Palm Springs, Calif., said he “couldn’t imagine” any person of stature making that kind of remark.

Owens “went out of his way to call this conference, and then more or less made fun of the people who were there,” Milanovich said.