A New Standard in the Briefing Room

From Holden:

The White House is now allowing a second blogger to cover the gaggle, BTC News’ Eric Brewer. BTC News’s founder, Weldon Berger tells Dan Froomkin that the White House is applying a standard to Brewer that “Jeff Gannon” was never required to meet.

BTC News’s founder, Weldon Berger wrote me, in an e-mail: “About a month after Gannon-Guckert became a news item, it occurred to me that he had so damaged the entry bar that it might be possible to get one of my contributors in because we’d look like Edward R. Murrow in contrast.”

Brewer, like Gannon, received what is called a “day pass” from the White House press office. But Berger suggests that the press office either has some new rules, or is finally enforcing the old ones:

“My contact made very clear that Eric would need a hard pass, with the attendant FBI check, if we intended him to be there on a Guckert-like schedule or any regular schedule, even as little as once a week,” Berger wrote.

Hey, who do you have to blow know to get a hard pass these days?